AVO 2848 Turbo

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AVO 2848 Turbo

Postby harkygg » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:05 pm

Hi All,

Would like some opinions/background info on this turbo from current/past users or people that just know about AVO products and/or the turbo model in question. I've tried to do a search on the web for some reviews, but nothing really comes up other than info related to the BRZ.

I'd like to change my current turbo (Kinugawa TD05) on my 09 wrx back to stock (VF52) or to the AVO 2848. At this stage I'm not keen on 2nd hand, so I'd be spending roughly the same amount for either turbo. The VF52 would suit my expectations of my car after a tune (~200awkw). The AVO 2848 would far exceed that. I'm worried about spool time and when the boost comes on as I don't want it to lag. I'm also aware of the hype around journal vs ball bearing turbos. I just don't know enough to make an informed decision.

Are the spool times comparable between the VF52 and AVO 2848? Would it be adjustable through a tune?

I don't know much about this area so anyone with the experience and expertise, please chime in with your advice/suggestions. If there's further info you require before commenting please do ask.

Any and all advice/suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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