Whining Noise

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Whining Noise

Postby Axeki » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:34 am

My 06 wrx is making a whining noise that gets louder if I'm travelling faster in higher gears, it gets quite loud and is coming from the centre console/gear lever area, still makes the sound with the clutch engaged. I've heard it could be bearing inside the centre diff, bearings inside the gearbox to simply faulty pulley bearings.... mechanics are not sure what it is, said it could be inside the gearbox and is quite normal or to just put up with the sound, however to me it just does not sound right, especially as it is very noticeable at higher speeds, others have also noted on hearing a high pitched whine after getting in my car and going for a drive.

To note; the sound seems to appear and get louder after things warm up a bit, as in after a certain amount of driving.

Any ideas as what this could be and or how to go about finding out what it could be?

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