99 GC8 Slimline Radiator fans

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99 GC8 Slimline Radiator fans

Postby subi93 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:05 pm

Hey fam,
Looking at finding a slim alternative to my factory rad fans due to getting a fatter radiator (mishimoto).
I Had to modify the oem shroud to make the fans fit but i've just shredded an A/C drivebelt and cant really tell where its hitting.. must be when the engine moves while driving, would rather just get something with actual clearance.

Mishimoto sell a 'SLIM FAN SHROUD 93-98 IMPREZA GC8'

Can anyone confirm compatibility between early gc8 fans and later models, hopefully specifically 99-00 gc8's?
Or even better, suggest another brand that is not Mishimoto (because after my experience with installing their radiator i'd prefer to never go through that again)?



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