Brake Pad compounds

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Brake Pad compounds

Postby Street to Track » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:38 pm

Hi Guys.

This brake pad compound post may be of interest.

It is difficult to find a non-biased article to Brands, and independent articles on brake pad compounds, explaining the differences.

There are many articles written by the various Brake Pad manufacturers that are very informative and use that manufacturers particular line up of brake pad products, and that is fine.

The following article, link below, can be read in conjunction with those.

Even though this article I am posting is a few years old, it still gives some idea of what compounds are generally available, and what effect they have re durability and performance.

I trust this can be of assistance to members when choosing brake pads. Particularly when some customers ask me about dust free pads, and then they also want high performance braking as well, which is very difficult to achieve in the one type of pad compound.

Happy reading guys:- ... /index.htm


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