Recommendations - Gauge Install Brisbane

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Recommendations - Gauge Install Brisbane

Postby FearNoEvo » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:56 pm

Hey All,

New to the forum, just got an 08 STi Spec R yesterday.

Can anyone recommend someone to install a boost and oil temp gauge here in Brisbane? Couldnt find much online. Tempted to do it myself but dont wanna break or mess up anything.


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Re: Recommendations - Gauge Install Brisbane

Postby REVNURAZR » Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:03 am

Boost is very simple,

You can tee into your oem bypass valve line and run the sensor cables through the firewall;

Oil Temp is one of 2 ways - sandwich adapter under the oil filter (get a decent quality one as the cheap ones leak) or plumb the sensor into the block - under the alternator or there is another gallery near the turbo.

Electrically you need to find a ACC switched circuit - a fuse tap can be used for an easy DIY.

Then illumination so the gauge dims - found on the cruise control switch, behind the cluster and at the clock.

Bit of knowledge required with both and if you're not comfortable most Auto Sparkies or decent performance workshops should be able to install the 2 gauges.

I'd recommend professional install if what I've listed above is a bit daunting :)

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