STI rear spoiler for 2015+ WRX

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STI rear spoiler for 2015+ WRX

Postby Steemo » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:05 pm

Firstly, I wanted the FA20DIT and am not likely to track the car.
Secondly, I wanted the Premium trim and the STI was way out of budget.

I know some may still flame me for tarting up a WRX to look like an STI, there will be no STI badges, I'm not a poser. I just think the car looks better with the wing.

Moving along!
Dealer quoted me $2500 for OEM. The sales manager also said he has a friend who has done quite a few OEM Style after market spoilers for him and his clients and he'd be happy to have the dealership organise it for $1100 inc the wing, paint, STI boot springs and installation.
Is this a reasonable price?
I know there are many different materials the spoilers can be made from. From a general quality build/finish and longevity stand point, what is desirable and are there any I should i avoid?

The other option I was thinking was the Seibon STI style carbon fibre wing
Do you guys think this would look dumb on a WR Blue WRX?

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