GC8 TBE need tune?

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GC8 TBE need tune?

Postby GC8-99 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:11 pm

Hey guys

Bought myself an invidia N1 TBE.

Just wanted to see whether I need to get a tune after it's installed? Or I can wait until I get some further mods installed prior to first tune.

The car is stock ATM.


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Re: GC8 TBE need tune?

Postby Delivan » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:43 pm

I have seen a new TBE damage an engine (bang, knock knock knock) and it was enough to make me wait till I had gathered all the goodies I was planning on fitting and installing them all at once then driving very slowly to the tuner.. It was frustrating but it did save a lot of money on tunes and I haven't had it tuned since.. That was 7-8 years ago..So my advise is get your TBE, downpipe, turbo, injectors, CAI, silicon intake, silicon top mount "Y" piping ,tilt kit, water spray, ecu etc etc etc and do it all in one hit. In the mean time do your suspension and brake etc upgrades and do them while you wait to collect all your go fast bits so that by the time you have them together and fitted, you have already matched your handling and braking to match you new improved HP... No point having big power with stock suspension and brakes..
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