micro tech lt10s i need help .

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micro tech lt10s i need help .

Postby red_rocket » Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:56 am

I'm new here I've had my car for about six months its a 98 impreza it had a Jdm 20g swap .its got a microtech standalone fuel management system with a igbtx4 ignition .the engin was near the end of its life .I bought the car not running sow I got it for cheep .I put a turbo on it and got it running I started messing around with the tune cuz it was originally tuned for a 20g rotated turbo and I only had a stock td04 .I changed the timing map and blew the engin .no big deal that engin was junk any way .but now I got another one to put in I know is good and don't want to blow this one cuz I got about 1000 bucks into it .my main question is does any one have a stock ignition I can use to program in to my ECU till I can finde a Tuner

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