P0244 Code

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P0244 Code

Postby frqnt » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:44 pm

I am running a Stage 1 Tune from a third party who I won't name and we are working thorough a boost spike before creating any further iterations of the map. Target boost is 16psi and the car spikes to 21psi momentarily, usually it's returns to normal within a second.

My tuner has advised to loosen the actuator arm 1.5-turns before recording any more pulls. I asked STI Docklands investigate whilst the car was recently with them and they said there was nothing wrong at their end and that I should go back to my tuner.

Returning to Melbourne this evening the car cut fuel and the resultant diagnostic code was a P0244.

It's obvious that these issues are related - however I want to ascertain what course of action I should take.

Is this poor tuning or mechanical?
Do I pay someone to unwind the actuator arm?
Would a three port boost solenoid solve the problem?
Is hitting the occasional 21psi going to destroy my block?

I am new to Melbourne, have no tools or suitable space to investigate myself and do not really know who to trust or where to turn to. I hope someone can offer some advice or direction.

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Re: P0244 Code

Postby mv75 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:56 am

Need to adjust the wastegate duty cycle. This is a tune issue.

Your tuner is telling you to mechanically open the wastegate to band aid the problem.

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