06 WRX Engine Error Codes

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06 WRX Engine Error Codes

Postby mutilator23 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:57 pm

I just recently bought a 06 Wrx Wagon. the car is mechanical sound, it blows no smoke, dose not run hot, oil is clean, and does not burn any oil. but it is miss firing like a Isis solider shooting a plane at 60000FT. has no boost what so ever and wont rev past 4-4.5k. i have changed the spark plugs, coil packs, both 02 sensors(repco supplied). i have disabled the the the secondary air pump and blocked of all ports the block.
it is pushing out 4 codes which are;
P1720 (vehicle speed circuit malfunction)
P0410(secondary air pump fail)
P0146 (02 Sensor circuit (no activity)
P2443 (secondary air pump)

Please help i have it booked in to a subie specialist on Monday week. but i want to see if anyone else has some kind of insight on the situation cause im stumped and so are my fathers 3 mechanic (bus mechanic but they work on his 8.2 second super-sedan so they no what there doing kinda hmmm) that are working on it.

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