Car won't start. Won't display cel code.

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Car won't start. Won't display cel code.

Postby jake87 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:28 pm

2006 wrx,
-car cranks but won't start
-power to coils and injectors, but no pulse
-Main fan stays on when ignition is switched on
-mobile mechanic and a friend who both have decent scanners couldn't read the ecu
-pin out on data connection may not be standard
-when ignition is turned to the ON position, fuel pump will only prime if mad sensor is disconnected
-oil pressure light and check engine light are all that stays illuminated.
Check engine light is constant (doesn't blink)
-keyless entry stopped working, even after I replaced the battery

I've gone through and checked most earth connections and even added extra ones.

The battery has been disconnect regularly to put on charge, I've tried to do a ecu reset hopping it would clear the fault and recalibrate. But no luck

The car has an exhaust which starts just behind the front wheels, a walbro fuel pump and the previous owner has jumped and spliced a number of wires that connect to the ecu. Some connectors have been spliced in for ecu mapping I'm guessing

I'm wondering if the ecu is faulty, but under close inspection I can't visually see any damage.or maybe it can't re calibrate because of all the jumped and spliced wires.

Here's a few pics
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Re: Car won't start. Won't display cel code.

Postby my9999 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:49 pm

Pics? Still have your keypad/brant alarm active?

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