My new CS9

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My new CS9

Postby BLKCS9 » Wed May 03, 2017 7:28 pm

Hi all so I'm new to the wrx... well reasonably I used to own a gt forester prior to this and also own and will forever own my vl Calais turbo. But enough about that onto the beauty at hand. I always planned to go wrx after the forester as it was just a stand in car for while I finished my p's however the forester made me fall inlove with subarus. And I was detirmined to get a wrx when I as off my p's. So as it came time I decided to start test driving cars to figure the one I wanted as Iv always wanted a 01-07 wrx. I found one on Carsales and it was a club spec 9 black leather seats sunroof black colour paint IT LOOKED LIKE SEX hahaha. I had to go and see it/drive it/but it, and that's what basically went down so befor I knew it I owned a 07 wrx cs9 with 162kms single owner with full logbook servicing.

The plan after that WAS to just tune tbe and intake. Was being the key word there haha.

But almost instantly I started having problems with my brant so firstly I had to rip out that horrible immobiliser and got a mongoose m80 installed

So I sold my forester and I had the money spare and the new beast went strait to hpf to get the 3" tbe I had fitted a tune and a Cai fitted the car made 157kwatw. It was a new car comepeltly felt much more punchy and tourqy I was surprised at the change it made.

Butttttt it made me want more haha and thats the plan for when I end up getting my tax return I'll be buying a blouche 18gxt turbo and a nice fat tmic and I hope.... beside fuel pump that's all I'll need for the time being to push up into the 190-200kw Imagerange and feel it come on boost a whole lot harder.

Apart from preformand the only cosmetic changes Iv made so far is a rear widndow visor.

Anyway here are a few pics of the beast




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Re: My new CS9

Postby KevO-954 » Thu May 04, 2017 9:11 pm

Hi Jesse the car looks great, glad you're enjoying it I can see bigger fuel pump, injectors and E85 coming after the bigger turbo. :twisted: Don't forget to keep the pics coming. :wink: PS welcome to the forum. :thumbs:

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