Safer Trading Tips ...

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Safer Trading Tips ...

Postby Forum Admin » Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:35 pm

Owing to instances of deals that have gone wrong on these and other Forums, we would like to share some tips that may help ensure a safer transaction.

These are by no means any guarantee, they are not an exhaustive list, and as per the Forum Rules, the Impreza WRX Club reminds you of the following ...
All Forum members are responsible for their own actions during the trading process.

As the trading of goods and services are carried out between you and other Forum members, you will release the Moderators/Administrators and the Impreza WRX Club from any claims, actions, demands and damages arising out of, or in connection with, any disputes that you may have with any other Forum members in any transaction involving the trading of goods and services whilst here.
ie. "Let the buyer beware"

1. Wherever possible, meet up to buy goods in person.

2. Use COD to ensure recieving something for your money.

3. Get at least an ISP e-mail (ie. not a hotmail etc. address ) or landline phone no. & confirm it is legitimate.

4. Do not lose any evidence of the deal.

5. PM a Moderator or Admin if you have other useful advice to contribute to this.

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