Brake Rotors - SPECIAL for STi

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Brake Rotors - SPECIAL for STi

Postby Street to Track » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:57 am


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Here is a SPECIAL on DBA brake rotors for the STi -

NOTE: Other brake rotors and pads specials are available for other models, fronts and rears, just ask.

DBA T3 4000 slotted rotors-
Front pair - p#4654S-10 - $412.00 delivered.

DBA T3 4000 slotted/drilled rotors-
Front pair - p#4654XS-10 - $412.00 delivered

DBA 5000 slotted-
Front pair - p#5654BLKS-10 - $1,028.00 delivered.

DBA 5000 slotted/drilled-
Front pair - p#5654BLKXS-10 - $1.028.00 delivered.

NOTE: if you include an order for Intima brake pads, either SR or D Series, further discounts apply regarding the DBA rotors.

Check out the Intima brake pads here:

Thanks for looking guys.

Rgards,.............Paul :)
Street to Track :)

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