DIY GC8 Pivot bush rebuild

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DIY GC8 Pivot bush rebuild

Postby abeiq » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:01 am

hey all,

Recently changed my shifter knuckle but still felt there was slop after (even though i have front and rear shifter bushes done as well).. so i went investigating and noticed my stock shifter pivot bush was worn out - hence this DIY - i rebuilt it for less than $12 worth of kit from bunnings (Y)

This was for my GC8 but would suit many other models too and can be adapted for others as well

Time: 20 minutes

Tools and parts required:
13mm PVC sprinkler pipe/tube from bunnings - good because its durable and was $2 for a meter
2 X 12mm spanners/spanner and socket with ratchet - to disconnect shifter from linkage in car
Stanley knife for cutting the pipe up
m10 Nylon washers from bunnings - most expensive part at $10 for 30 washers
Drill + drill bit or other suitable tools to make hole in washer large enough to slip over inner sleeve of shifter

Thy gist of this mod is the following
1. remove trim panels from around the shifter/shifter surround - plenty of guides on how to do this already
2. remove shifter from car - again plenty of guides - not completely needed but made it easier to complete this
3. remove old bush and sleeve from the shifter
4. cut 2 X lengths of hose to go around the inner sleeve from the shifter - needs to be about 5 - 10mm shorter than the sleeve
5. take one length of pipe and slice down the center
6. take other length of pipe and slice down the center - trim to fit snug around the steel inner sleeve by removing material down the center - slide first piece over second - this makes a good bush for the center of the shifter
7. use drill and drill bits to widen m10 nylon washers to slide/press fit over the inner sleeve of the shifter
8. reassemble and test - pretty simple took about 20 minutes all up and worked VERY well
9. dont forget to grease any mating surfaces such as the washers and inner sleeve

Hopefully the below pics help you get the idea

Assembled rebuild bush

bush around collar without washers inside shifter

disassembled bush kit showing the 2 pipe sleeves, inner sleeve and washers

No washers but sleeves on

I can probably make a few of these up and ship them for $10 including everything except sleeve and shifter - $10 will be the shipping cost alone.

The tube and washers can be used for so many other bushes - i used them to rebuild a shifter knuckle as well
Feel free to ask questions as DIY guides are usually an afterthought with me :(

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