Who uses what tech on the track?

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Who uses what tech on the track?

Postby ls0775 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:27 pm

I'm curious what everyone uses to monitor, log their cars on the track. I'm tried lots of combos and interested in sharing my experiences and learning from others.

Right now, here is what I use.... What do you use?
  • Laptimer - Harrys Laptimer Grand Prix
  • Phone - iPhone to Harrys. Android to Laptop
  • Mounts - RAM
  • GPS - RaceLogic Vbox Sport
  • OBD - Tactrix to a Laptop
  • Video - 2 GoPro Hero 4
  • Logging - Tactrix to a laptop. Custom Dash
  • Software Analysis CirtcuitTools, MegaLogViewer

Below is what I've tried and what I think.

Lap Timers
  • Harry's Laptimer Grand Prix
Harry's is OK, but it feels dated. Connecting to accessories always seems cumbersome. I've have started looking at TrackAddict. What is everyone using and prefer?

  • iPhone 6S with 128GB.
  • Google Pixel XL 128GB.
I think any modern phone is fine, just need storage if you intend recording video with it.

  • RAM with metal arm.
Buy these, they are the best mounts I've used.

GPS Trackers
  • Racelogic Vbox Sport with external antenna. Excellent
  • Dual XGPS 160 (Sky Pro) Selling
I started out with The Dual XGPS connected to Harry's, but did not find it picked up a good signal. Vbox is excellent, just requires setting up external antenna each time and records at 20Hz.

  • PLX Kiwi3 for iPhone
  • OBDLink LX for Android
PLX is good for iPhone as it is BT LE is connects everytime. They charge for their App though which is dumb. OBDLink is very good for Android and their App is no charge. Both are well supported by the main Laptimer Apps. Both are quiet useful for day to day driving and work well with DashCommand and other Apps

  • Two GoPro Hero 4 cameras. Selling
  • Occasionally use the phone camera with Harry's
  • Tried Garmin Virb. Was not great, sold it
I've tried several generations of GoPro. They feel dated now and I'm not happy with them. Did try the first gen Garmin Virb and its GPS sensor was too slow for motorsport.

Engine Logging
  • Tactrix and Custom Dash displaying real time on Android phone and logging to Windows laptop
This is a home grown setup from my brother. Works everytime. A budget man's Motec dash :-)

Software Analysis at tracking
  • Raccelogic CircuitTools.
  • MegaLogViewer.
CircuitTools is excellent for lap analysis and generating best virtual lap between all your laps. It also has a good App but I don't use it. MegaLogViwer I use to quickly check the engine side for anomalies. I don't really use Harry's since moving over to CircuitTools.

Software Analysis in the shed
  • EcuFlash to reflash the ECU
  • RomRaider to log
  • HPTuners to log
When back home, I use EcuFlash and the Taxtrix to edit and reflash my car. I use RomRaider to compare ROMs and RomRaider Logger to analyse. Since I have a Clubsport, I also have HPTuners and being commercialsoftware, it is an excellent general purpose logger. It just does not get all the Subaru PIDs that Romraider Logger can.

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Re: Who uses what tech on the track?

Postby h-are » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:15 am

I use a Qstarz timer. Its a great simple little timer.

http://www.qstarz.com/Products/GPS Products/LT-Q6000-F.html

Also run a Gopro hero 3 and it records well enough for what I want from it. I have thought about getting another gopro to record other positions though.

I dont monitor anything other than my Power FC hand controller for engine proformance.

Only other 'tech' stuff I use is a mapdccd controller which Ive only just started using this year. Im sure it will end up being of value but until I figure out the correct settings (maps) its not helping much. I jumped into some fairly aggressive settings at the start and I think that actually made the car worse. Anyway Ill keep fiddling around with that to see what works.

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Re: Who uses what tech on the track?

Postby tim33h » Mon May 07, 2018 11:44 am

I’m using Harry’s LT GP as well on an iPhoneX
I was using a cheap mount from Supercheap but will need to get another one. I think the size of the new phones, u really need a solid robust mount. My ip6S was fine with eBay spec mounts.

I have one of the first gen Sony Action cams so it unfortunately doesn’t link with Harry’s. Will need to invest in a GoPro.

Just got a Dual XPS coz of the Harry’s recommendation... spewing now that I have read your feedback. Would love a Vbox but... $$$

I also got a KIWI2 but I haven’t figured out how to pick the PIDs I want displayed on Harry’s, it only shows Fuel level and something else by default?? Would be good if I could choose at least coolant temp, throttle position, AFR.

I have a Cobb Accessport so can do data logging but it’s annoying that it doesn’t have an internal clock so it’s harder to sync (not impossible) with your video.

Here I just stitched my last track day to the action cam... slightly off by a few millisecs but ceebz LOL


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Re: Who uses what tech on the track?

Postby ls0775 » Wed May 09, 2018 9:36 pm

I'll selling
1) Go Pro Hero 4 * 2
2) Dual XGPS 160
3) Bunch of GoPro bits. remote , mounts etc

If interested, PM me.

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