Roll cage or air bags?

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Roll cage or air bags?

Postby ratty05 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:15 pm

Quick question, I bought a 6 point bolt in roll cage a while back that I was going to fit as I'd like to get into targa regularity events. Probably should have researched more first as I never considered the curtain airbags in my car (2010 sti-r hatch).
What would you consider safer, the bolt in cage or the airbags?

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Re: Roll cage or air bags?

Postby stockhorse » Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:08 am

The first thing to consider is that this class requires a road registered vehicle to compete.If you fit a cage and disconect or remove the airbags your vehicle would not be roadworthy and I doubt would pass scrutineering.
The class doesn't require a cage and with a maximum speed of 130kph any impact would fall into the slow/mid range speed impact catergory.
I would personally keep the airbags and forget the cage and avoid the hassle of meeting regs for "fittings and protrusions" that you may run up against with your local police officer having a bad day. It would also tend to keep your vehicle more user friendly.
Whilst targa regularity sounds like a bit of fun, it doesn't let your vehicle "stretch its legs" with exclusion for exceeding 140kph. I personally wouldn't want to mod my vehicle much to compete as I think for the expense involved I would be looking for something more to test myself and my vehicles capabilities.

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Re: Roll cage or air bags?

Postby dane » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:37 am

Personally for me if I were doing any targa event, even if it's under 140kph i'd be caging my car. I don't know about the legalities/requirements for the class you want to compete, but unless I was able to have a cage I wouldn't be racing. On a racetrack there are usually tyre barriers and guard railing to prevent you from hitting hard immovable objects (i.e. trees). Airbags won't be doing much to prevent a tree from wanting to be friends with your head.

Can you make the cage easy enough to fit once you're at the event and whilst you are racing? Is the car a dedicated race car or used for other purposes?

Baz's car (from his data logs) was travelling at around 80 kph, possibly less but I can't remember exactly what he told me, when it started to roll.


What would happen to a car with no cage going 140kph and rolling into a tree?

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Re: Roll cage or air bags?

Postby bazzasti » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:45 am

Scary pic thanks Dane. Yeah I'd definitely go cage, airbags do nothing with helmet and harness on really, they're designed to stop you hitting hard objects because a seat belt is not going to hold you in place very well and you bounce around a lot in a crash (not with a proper harness on though). Note I also had a seat with lateral head supports - that really helped (looked after my neck) and was part of the reason I walked away without a scratch.

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