The New AVO Boost Controller

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The New AVO Boost Controller

Postby AVO Ross » Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:14 pm

The New AVO Boost Controller


Hi and Low mode, Digital Gauge and Overboost Shut Down


The AVO Boost Controller is simple and easy to use, with a high range of adjustment for different turbocharger sizes and setups. Due to our decades of experience with turbocharged Subaru's, we've sat down and reinvented the wheel - optimizing the programming on this digital boost controller for the best response on a Subaru with the ease of setup everybody has wanted.


• Low Boost Set
• Hi Boost Set
• Over-boost Alarm and auto shut-down
• Digital Boost Gauge
• 30psi (2 Bar) Map Sensor

Low Boost / High Boost - Boost Set Point 0~30psi (0~2 Bar)
• Sets your desired Boost Level

Offset Point adjustment from 0~50
• Offset sets the solenoid starting time from the desired boost set point. For example, 1bar of boost with a offset of 10 = (10%) will start the solenoid at .90 bar (13.5psi). The offset is used to control the boost rate rise. Some turbocharger setups can spool up too quickly, some too slowly. The Offset Point Adjustment is used to control these issues (boost overshoot).

Gain Set Point adjustment from 0~100
• The Gain controls the solenoid duty cycle pulse width from the boost set point. This is a quite critical adjustment to control issues with exhaust back pressure and actuators (too soft or too hard). Adjustment of the Gain will allow for smooth, linear boost from your boost set point.

Overboost Shut Down
• The Overboost Alarm and shut down is adjusted by the screw setting in the back of the box. (requires a Philips head screwdriver).
Once you turn the screw you will see the screen flash with the boost threshold. Adjust it to your desired Shut Down level.

Available: January 2011

PSI Part Number :UUX00966EPSIJ
BAR Part Number :UUX00966EBARJ

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