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Get logged documentation.

Postby tinter » Sat Sep 17, 2005 7:11 pm

For those of you who have purchased your tinting through another source....just how many of you have been supplied this very important information :?:

Roll numbers off the master roll used to accurately ID your installation. How many of you have the manufacturer's name, the actual film type, the light transmission, length of warranty, any associated costs in the event of a redo (some may cover film replacement for life and not labour), the date of installation, the installer's name and how to clean and maintain your film?

There are a number of films out there that are "passed off" as being something that is assumed and actually not what was fitted because the promotional literature can be a misleading generality.
Some films are private labels with no credibilty because the stuff is sourced cheap out of places like Asia and the Indian sub-continent.
Can you find the product on the web?

Sadly, I think the majority of you have actually no idea about your purchase details except how much it cost and even worse if it was "thrown in.". :cry:

It is worth seeking this information.


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