Impreza WRX Club Additional Forum Guidelines

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Impreza WRX Club Additional Forum Guidelines

Postby Forum Admin » Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:19 am

The forum rules below that have now been in place for the last 12 months or so are still applicable, however due to the changes we have now made we would like to add this set of guidelines to further reinforce these rules.

For most club events, there will be two topics. One is an information only post and the other is for discussion related to that event. The information post will be locked and nobody will be able to post in this thread as its intended purpose is solely to provide information to members about that upcoming event in a clear and simple manner without them having to trawl through pages of posts that may have little or no relevance to the event. Updates to these topics may be edited by the author from time to time with corrections or to add further information as it gets closer to the time of the event.

The discussion topic for each event will be open for just that, discussion regarding the particular event only. People who deviate from the main topic will have their posts removed and persistent posts off topic from the same person will result in the offending person having their access to the forum denied.

The discussion topics for an event should not be treated as a chat room and should you require further information regarding an event we suggest that you email the author of the topic at their associated committee email address. Eg Social = Members who attempt to use the threads as a chat room will be banned.

Should one of your posts be removed you can assume that it has been deemed unacceptable by the moderators and should you continue to post information of an unacceptable nature, your access to the forum may be denied.

Moderation of the forums is at the discretion of the moderators. No debate will be entered into regarding either the acceptability of the material you post, or the length of your ban. Your access will be denied without warning and no reason will be given. No further correspondence will be entered into and your access will only be reinstated at the discretion of a moderator and at a time that they see fit. Your access to post messages on this forum is a privilege of being a member, it is not a right of a member to have access to this forum.

The purpose of the Impreza WRX Club Forums is to provide information regarding Club activities and information from the committee to the membership. Non members are able to view some of this information so they may see the sort of activities the club provides to members. Should a non member wish to join the club and participate, details of how to join can be found by following a link on our home page at

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