Liberty GT Wagon Racing

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Liberty GT Wagon Racing

Postby Lick the Knife » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:47 am

Hi all,

had a great day racing last weekend. My first time at Sprint races, at Sale RAAF base, awesome track so safe so fast, 150km+ on straights. Never seen so much smoke coming from the brakes, spectators said you could even see it while I was racing.

Raced in standard road registered over 2lt class, BMW M3 was first with time of 1.03.0, Porsche 944 S2 second 1.03.6, and the mighty Libert GT Wagon third 1.03.8, Falcon XR6 Turbo fourth 1.06.4, Mazda RX7 fifth 1.08.1, Falcon EB sixth 1.08.6. Just for information both the BMW M3 and the Porsche have been racing Hillclimb and Sprints longer than I have.

Is the Liberty GT Wagon the ultimate all rounder or what? She has over 200,000 kms on her now and can still match it with recognised race cars, only mods to car are cat back 3" system and Flash Tune, just awesome.

I didn't actualy get to start with the cars in my class, but started in a group of 6 including 3 x Falcon/Commodore up to 4lt Sport Sedan class cars on slicks, they where just blown away when the found they couldn't get away from me, in fact they where slowing me down in the corners.

Get your Lib GT's out and racing it is awesome fun. :rice:

5 Gen Liberty GT Wagon.

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