Racerom features installed today, original dyno tune ok?

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Racerom features installed today, original dyno tune ok?

Postby rileywrx » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:43 pm

Hey guys and girls,

First post here. Love the forums and use them a lol for learning about my rex. Before I ask my question, here are the specs of my pride and joy;


TD04 (until I can afford a VF52)
Invida 3 inch TBE (Invidia dump + Q300 catback)
Process West cold air intake
Ecutek ecu upgrade
Custom dyno tune

Latest 3 dyno runs saw between 163kw - 172kw.
Torques around 399Nm @ 2885rpm.

My question:

I had the bulk of my work done last week (exhaust + tune) and today I had the Racerom features installed. I was wondering if it were possible when the Racerom features were installed today that the custom dyno tune could have been reset or lost?

I'm super paranoid about things like this and wanted to check if that was even possible? I can't really feel any different, but I can't be sure unless I see the dyno numbers again.

Help me ease my paranoid mind :)

Thanks all!

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