MY03 to MY10 upgrade

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Black GDB WRX Driver
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MY03 to MY10 upgrade

Postby vossy » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:20 pm

Has anyone upgraded from a MY03 to MY10 WRX? I've been offered a pretty good deal on a MY10 base model that I know the full history of. Wondering if the newer ones are as good to drive day in day out, after Subaru seemed to soften them off a bit in the later years.

I currently have an 03 with the usual mods (re-tune, tbe, intake & upgraded IC), & although it hasn't been looked after quite as much as it should so is starting to get a bit tired, I still really love driving it. The newer one would remain un-modded (apart from maybe the rear muffler to get the subtle rumble without going to the noise levels of my current)

Will I miss the peanut? Or will it be a regret free trade-up?

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