2013 WRX BT phone call quality

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2013 WRX BT phone call quality

Postby rossco » Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:11 pm


Just purchased a new 2013 MY14 WRX Premium which has the navigation installed and Bluetooth etc.

I've been driving it about 4 weeks now and have had nothing but complaints about the quality of the phone line while on Bluetooth. I have absolutely no issues at my end and it's very clear but at the other end I'm getting complaints of loud noises and unclear transmissions from various different people on different networks. The Bluetooth was set up by the dealer and have since re paired the device with the unit but to no avail. I am now at the point where I cannot use that function due to the poor quality.

I'm using an iPhone4 with the latest update.

Anyone else had a similar issue or fix?


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