2002 wrx sti - randomly not starting - brant or something else?

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2002 wrx sti - randomly not starting - brant or something else?

Postby theforsaken » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:38 pm

first post... long time lurker haha, need to get more involved. Anyway, have an 02 wrx sti for a bit over a year now, great car, however recently had an annoying intermittent electrical fault. Occasionally the car just wont crank - fuel pump primes, dash lights up, but turning to start - nothing. Clock and a few things turn off, nothing else happens. Seems to happen completely randomly, leave it for an hour or **** with things (unlock, lock, etc etc) for a few minutes and it usually starts up, worst case, leave the car and come get it the next day....
This has been happening more frequently lately...like... one time in the first 6 months, 3 times in the last 6 months type deal.
I keep the brant in a semi disabled state - just in manual mode and never bother to arm it, so not sure if it is causing the problem - could it be? would it still let the fuel pump prime if it was immobilising the car?

I have pulled out relays etc, checked for loose/corroded earths, that sort of stuff, but since it seems pretty random, NFI if I have made a difference haha. Frustrating as every time I stop, I am wondering if the bloody thing will start!! Any suggestions of where to look? should I just rip the brant out anyway??? could anyone point me in the direction of a removal guide?

cheers :D

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