GC8 series driveshaft compatibility

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GC8 series driveshaft compatibility

Postby ratherowna31 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:18 pm

Hi guys just bought my first rex and looking for some advice on rear CVs.

Has any one come across different circlip sizes and indentations when changing rear CVs?

I got a shaft from a 2000 rx gc8 for my early 04/98 wrx. They are 99% the same except my wrx shaft has a flat top and the rx shaft has an extra cone shape about 2mm longer on diff spline side.

My problem is the old wrx clip will not allow the rx shaft to pop in, as the indent for the clip is shallower and makes the clip bulge out too far around the shaft.

The rx shaft pops in flush against the diff with no clip, so can I use a smaller clip or do I suck it up and buy new shafts?

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Re: GC8 series driveshaft compatibility

Postby Skyward » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:38 am

Mate, just get WRX shafts. The RX shafts are thinner so I wouldn't recommend them. There is also a difference with early (up to 98) GC rear shafts. One side is double splined for LSD. 99 GC had symmetrical shafts. Make sure you get the right ones otherwise you'll pop out a shaft on a semi-hard takeoff. :oops:

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