2003 WRX misfiring and whislte from exhaust

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2003 WRX misfiring and whislte from exhaust

Postby Bayliss28 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:15 pm

Hi all
New to the page as i have just recently got a 2003 Impreza Wrx (completely standard). got it cheap because it needed a bit of work. i am a Mechanic but i am out of ideas with this car.
When i got the car it had a misfire and started to whistle through the exhaust after it was running for a couple of minutes. Checked the usually spark plugs and coils and they were fine.
We had noticed that it had oil leak from the head gaskets. I did a compression test and the right and side was in the 140 psi and the left side was in the 160 s.
knowing the head gaskets were leaking i thought it may have a compression leak between cylinders.
Anyway pulled the heads off and got them checked and cleaned. Refitted with new Subaru gaskets and the misfiring and whislte is still there and it happens all the time now.
doing a process of elimination by swapping spark plugs, coils and injectors, it seems cylinder 4 isn't firing.
I am a bit lost now and i need a fresh look at this maybe i am missing something.

tomorrow i am going to pull the timing covers off again to triple check the timing belt marks and also put a injector strobe light tester on the injector plug.
also do another compression test.

Any help will be awesome

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Re: 2003 WRX misfiring and whislte from exhaust

Postby ziadnahas » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:10 pm

Hay there. Im no mechanic here but will tgrow what i can. First, when you say whistle, is it on idle or only when reving, is it just noteable or really loud. Does it seam like a whistle you get from a pressure leak, bearing noise?

Seems that you may have over shot the diagnosis and missed the issue. But i guess if it had bad gasket, wouldnt hurt to fix. Not sure why, but am thinking bad turbo, or an exhaust leak. Again, very hard considering not there to hear it.

Hope you find it. Where are you located?

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