MAF Voltage randomly dropping to 0 volts

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MAF Voltage randomly dropping to 0 volts

Postby Duncz_ » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:47 pm

Hi All,

Long time reader and first time poster to this group… I’ve tried searching the forum for similar issues to this one but haven’t found anything (if this has been discussed and I’ve missed it, my apologies).

I’m having an issue with my MY15 WRX where the voltage on the MAF sensor is randomly dropping to 0 volts, causing a CEL with P0102 code and typically causes the car to stall. This happens every second day or so. Once I clear the code and restart the car, I’m able to drive off like nothing ever happened (until the next time it does).

My first thought was that this might be an issue with the MAF sensor, so I’ve cleaned it, then replaced it but the problem persists. Whilst the intake is currently stock, I suspect that the previous owner had an aftermarket intake fitted as the wires to the MAF harness had been cut and extended. I’ve since removed these extension wires which also hasn’t resolved the issue.

Current mods on the car are:
-Aftermarket Downpipe
-Cobb Accessport with Stage 2 98 tune

I’ve run a datalog on the Accessport which has charted out the voltage (and many other data points) - in this case the first drop in voltage triggered the CEL and the second drop caused the car to stall.

My suspicion is that this is an electrical issue somewhere with the harness given it had been cut, but I’m unsure what I’m looking for. If anyone had a wiring diagram for these wires, this may help.

Any guidance on this one would be really appreciated!


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