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Hesitation/ boost drop HELP ASAP

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:01 pm
by Nossske
Okay first off I’ll start with that this is my first turbo car and first wrx, car is a 2007 wrx cs9, mods are 3”TBE,avo inlet from turbo, mishimoto Radiator and a tune.
For some reason but my wrx has been having trouble with boost and hesitation, when driving in 2,3 around 2000-3000 rpm range it’s starts to hesitate but when coming onto boost it’s fine, sometimes when it does the hesitation the boost drops to 5-7psi, when boost drops and if I go threw the rev range boost starts to creep up past 4500rpm to 8psi in 2nd, 10psi in 3rd & 10-12psi in 4th and then sometimes after a pull in 4th full boost will come back and car runs like a angel.
When the problem first started I filled up one day and used 7/11 98 fuel when I usually use shell 98 cause I got my tune on she’ll 98 and ever since then car has never been 100% . When the car drop boost it hesitates a fair bit and drives pretty crap, I have changed my spark plugs and have found a bit of red in the centre, I always fill up at shell and use 98. I changed my MAP and was really good for a few weeks but has come back again.
Could anyone help me out or point me in the right Direction please!?