Discrepancies in my VIN number checking?

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Discrepancies in my VIN number checking?

Postby GORREALA » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:43 pm

ok just thought I would check my vin number for my 2014 Built MY15 WRX with http://www.cars101.com/subaru/vin2015.html
I don't know how accurate this page is but from what I have read my VIN reads as follows.


so the J = Country code japan F = Fuji plant 1= Vehicle type WRX
V = the model type WRX or STi
A = body type = 4 door wide body (im guessing because the Impreza is narrow)
G = Engine type = now WRX is 1 I have a G but this can change year to year so not so bad atm.
K=Trim type-now in this list it says K is STi No Spoiler.
6=Restraints and safety=Manual seatbelts,dual airbags front side curtin airbags blah blah
3= some dumb number for something
F= Model year = now this is 2015 im guessing its the chasis not the year built cause mine is builtin 2014.
G= Plant and transmission-awd 6speed

so im just worried about the trim saying sti really unless this page don't cater for Australia models im not sure but it makes me wonder that's all.

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