C lights whats the go with them?

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C lights whats the go with them?

Postby GORREALA » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:54 pm

ok so I watched a dude on youtube install a C light in his 2015 WRX now he had to remove the headlight and install a C shape circuit board into his headlight that looks to have a whole heap of LED's on it then seal them all back up again seems like a lot of work for this feature but damn imo looks awesome.

Now on the other side I drive around Sydney everyday I seen a lot of Subarus not only WRX have C-Light setup some of the people driving them are older men and women that probley couldn't give a rats ass about do all that work on a headlight for that c light effect driving light so im wondering is there a year model where its standard or am I missing something?

Cause I was thinking of cutting and splicing wires from my headlights to a relay and doing it myself I don't see why I have to buy a kit and pull both head lights apart and cut the seals stick these circuits boards into them and seal them back up I also seen that this guy spray painted his inside headlights black are the AUD WRX headlights different to USA because mine are black already and look to have LED's in the C- Lights.

Any ideas?

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