TEIN Rebuilds and Referbs

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TEIN Rebuilds and Referbs

Postby FulcrumSuspensions » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:43 pm

Hey guys !

Fulcrum Suspensions is the official dealer of TEIN in Australia, providing full warranty products, product information and most importantly FULL TEIN repairs and rebuilds !
We realise that people will not always want to buy new BUT when buying second hand remember that there are lots of things that can be wrong or will go wrong...the rule of thumb is..if the price is amazingly cheap there is more than likely something wrong BUT the good news with this IS that Fulcrum Suspensions is the only company in Australia that can do full rebuilds and service maintenance to your TEIN coilovers !

Here are the steps that I would follow if purchasing second hand....

Purchase coilovers
Send to Fulcrum for dyno testing and maintenance check
Get service done
Pop into your car and enjoy trouble free suspension

For more information contact Tu Speed for all the goods !!!

See ya
For pricing or supply in your neighbourhood contact us on:
2. www.fulcrumsuspensions.com.au
or visit
3. Tuspeed on this forum

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