Concave Concept Bolt on spacers and Hub centric rings

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Concave Concept Bolt on spacers and Hub centric rings

Postby OnTheRunMotorsports » Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:55 pm

Concave Concept Bolt on spacers are coming 15mm conversions
Converts from PCD 5x100 to PCD 5x114.3 with M12 1.25 studs.
For your WRX with PCD 5x100 to use STi wheels with PCD 5x114.3

Concave Concept aluminium Racing hub centric rings
Most after market wheels comes with a larger centre bore, and is not safe to use them without hub centric rings, as it will create vibration from your wheels because not perfect centre bore size compare to your hub centric size.
Therefore you will need Hub centric rings, Concave Concept aluminium hub centric rings beats most products on the market, and aproved to be able to use on the race track. We use them on our own time attack machine and track cars.

Please see the link here: ... &Itemid=70

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